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Does Cracking Knuckles Or Joints Cause Arthritis?

“When examined by joint type, knuckle cracking was not a risk for arthritis in that joint. Total past duration (in years) and volume (daily frequency ‘- years) of knuckle cracking of each joint type also was not significantly correlated with arthritis at the respective joint. A history of habitual knuckle cracking – including the total duration and total cumulative exposure’”does not seem to be a risk factor for hand arthritis .

Anxiety And Stress Benefits From Exercise, Even When Forced

Being forced to exercise may still help reduce anxiety and depression just as exercising voluntarily does, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder. “The implications are that humans who perceive exercise as being forced – perhaps including those who feel like they have to exercise for health reasons – are maybe still going to get the benefits in terms of reducing anxiety and depression,” he said.


Family Sitting on Beach Having Fun

Millions of men and women accept chronic pain as a fact of life. But now there’s outpatient treatment with a record of providing relief.



Pain control is important because it can affect a person in many ways. It can affect sleep, appetite, emotions, and relationships with others.



Following an initial evaluation, an individual course of treatment is determined. Your therapy plan will be tailored to your specific circumstances.